The Dating Game

I recently had a guy hit on me – phone me, text me, ask me continually if I was coming to a party he was having, ask me to go to Sedona.  I say this means that he wants to date me.

So we have this big bar crawl event – and he calls me twice to co-ordinate meeting up.  When I finally see him, he says the bar is crowded and I probably won’t get a drink in time before people leave.  I say I’m going to try.  He neither offers to buy me a drink or go with me to the bar.

I see him at another bar and still no offer to buy me a drink, nor does he tell me when he is leaving the bar.  This happens a couple more times,once he just walks away and starts talking to some other girl and I just give up.  I just go hang out with my friends at another bar.

In the cab ride home, I see that by the end of the night he’s texted me asking me where I went.  I just texted at that moment that I followed the crowd.  We text back and forth and I just give up and tell him I’m tired.  When I wake up I see that he texted me at 3 in the morning saying that his friends left him and he has to walk home.

Did he expect me to buy him drinks, enjoy being ignored and then give him a ride home?  CLOWN!

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Attention to Detail

I recently ordered business cards for two websites I own.  The card was to have one website contact information on each side.

My graphics person spelled my name a different way on each side.  CLOWN!

A Really Serious Outdoorsy Shoe

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A Fitting End

Fredric Baur was the inventor of the Pringles chips can, and had his ashes buried in one when he died in 2008.

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Our Definition of Clown

Since this whole blog is dedicated to the annoyances of clowns in our every day lives, we thought we’d come up with our definition.

clown noun \ˈklau̇n\

1: a rude ill-bred person : boor
2 a : a person who habitually jokes and plays the buffoon
b : joker 1b
os 10.6